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More than Registering a Company

Incorporation of Cyprus Companies

We can act for our clients for the registration of Cyprus Companies, Partnerships, Branches, International Trusts and Cyprus Investment Firms.

Shelf companies are also available if the client requires a company immediately. Shelf companies are like any other company the only difference being that they have already been incorporated and are therefore ready to commence business immediately.

To find out more about the set-up procedure for the registration of your Cyprus Company you can click on the link below.

Nominee Services


Nominee shareholders are needed when the client wishes to maintain anonymity when conducting transactions. Our firm facilitates clients in this respect by offering nominee shareholder services.


Nominee directors are needed when the client wishes to maintain anonymity when conducting transactions. Our firm facilitates clients in this respect by offering director services.

Corporate Services

Secretarial Services

Under Cyprus law, a company must have a secretary which can be either a legal or a natural person. The secretary need not be resident in Cyprus. Our firm can appoint secretaries for clients’ companies and can act as the company secretary to handle the secretarial services the company requires.

Registered Office

Under Cyprus law, a company is required to have a register office where writs, notices, orders and other official documents can be served to the company. Our firm act as the registered office for your company.

Ongoing Corporate Services

  • Preparation of powers of attorney.
  • Maintenance of the statutory books.
  • Implementing changes of shareholders and directors.
  • Preparation of the minutes of directors and shareholder meetings.
  • Assisting with changes in the company’s memorandum and articles.
  • Increase and reduction of share capital.
  • Change of name.
  • Preparation and submission of annual returns.
  • Redomiciling a company from abroad to Cyprus. You can find out more about redomiciliation here.

Bank Support Services

We can help you set up and open a bank account for your new company. We act as introducers to banks and we can help you with opening of corporate bank accounts and operating them, we assist you in arranging any type of banking service and we can act as bank account signatories.

  • Introductions to banks.
  • Opening of corporate bank accounts.
  • Operation of bank accounts.
  • Assistance in arranging any type of banking service.
  • Bank Account Signatories.

Legal Services after the Incorporation of the Company

Registration of Company Staff

We can assist you with the employment obligations of your company such as:

  • Applying for specific work permits required by immigration law under categories relating to key personnel or management personnel.
  • Prepare the necessary contracts of employment.
  • Provide employment law advice

Other Ongoing Legal Services

We provide ongoing legal support relating to the commercial side of the business

  • Preparation of any type of Commercial Agreements which relate to the newly incorporated business entity.
  • Data Privacy issues including the GDPR.
  • Registration of Patents, Trademarks or Tradenames.
  • Trusts in Cyprus
  • All legal areas. For more information about our services and areas of practice you may click here.

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